PowerToys Update 0.57

Microsoft hat erneut ein Update für PowerToys veröffentlicht. Kurz nach der V0.56.1 folgt nun V0.57.

Die Liste der Änderungen ist dieses Mal sehr umfangreich, daher nachfolgend nur eine Übersicht der Highlights.

Die Änderungen


  • PowerToys Run quality pass. Old standing issues were re-evaluated and fixed.
  • Additional features and improvements were added to existing PowerToys Run plugins.
  • New plugin for time and date values/information in PowerToys Run. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • The PowerToys Run documentation is also receiving a required update. Thanks @htcfreek!
  • We’re registering svgs as a picture kind when SVG Thumbnails are enabled so they appear when searching for pictures in File Explorer.
  • We’ve disabled PDF preview by default, given its incompatibilities with Outlook and that Edge is now being registered for previewing PDF files on Windows 10 too.
  • From a coding quality point of view, every project now has code analyzer active. Thanks @CleanCodeDeveloper!
  • A double click on the tray icon is needed instead of single click to open settings.


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