PowerToys Release 0.55.0

Auf GitHub wurde die neue Version 0.55.0 der Microsoft PowerToys veröffentlicht. Neben drei neuen Funktionen gibt es einige Fixes. Die jetzige Version wurde in .NET 5 geschrieben, geplant ist der Einsatz von .NET 6 bei zukünftigen Version.

Die Neuerungen

  • File Explorer add-on: Developer files for preview pane. This should add about 150 file extensions total. We are using the Monaco Editor to power this experience. Thanks @aaron-junker!
  • File Explorer add-on: STL file format thumbnail generation! Since STL is a common 3D file format, this allows a quick visual check. Thanks @pedrolamas! Preview pane support is already in Windows.
  • Mouse Utility: Crosshair over pointer via Ctrl+Alt+P. This feature was co-developed with the accessibility team at Microsoft. When the team told us about the idea and described trying to find your cursor by looking through a straw, we knew we could leverage code from the other mouse utilities to quickly enable this feature. Below is a quote from one of the testers with a rough validation build:


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